v1.1 #XXXX(52) 14/1/2021

LayOpt is an interactive web app that allows users to rapidly identify the minimum volume layout (or ‘topology’) of a 2D truss.

A prototype version of the web app was commissioned as part of the BUILD-OPT research project, involving the Universities of Sheffield, Bath and Edinburgh and a number of industry partners, funded by EPSRC. The current Amazon Web Services version of the web app was developed by LimitState Ltd as part of a follow-on EPSRC/HEIF Knowledge Exchange project involving the University of Sheffield, Arup and LimitState Ltd.

LayOpt uses the LimitState:FORM optimization engine also employed by the LimitState:FORM interactive design optimization software and Peregrine, an optimization plugin for Rhino/Grasshopper. These software tools allow a range of real-world 3D problems to be tackled.

Please acknowledge usage of LayOpt in a project by using the following citation:
Fairclough, H.E., He, L., Pritchard, T.J., Gilbert, M., LayOpt: an educational web-app for truss layout optimization. Structural and Multidisciplinary Optimization (2021).

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Date Version no. Changes
14/1/2021 1.1 Simplification tool more often produces viable solutions.
Simplification slider now allows small (<1%) volume increase thresholds to be specified.
Bars in compression (blue) are now always plotted on top.
23/6/2020 1.0 Initial public release.